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So, no quiz tonight.  Instead I’ve ended up staying in and watching Shrek 2 again.  I’ve missed my Tuesday pint, resented making my own tea and found it a bit quiet in the flat.  I find it hard to believe that even a few weeks ago, this was what it was like all the time.  Since Calendar Girl is babysitting and Bernie is stuck in Bangor by the volcano, we’ve decided to give it a miss this week.  That’s Bangor in Northern Ireland, not Bangor in Wales or Maine.  Drury is meeting some of her friends from her drama group and Cowboy is going to use the time to get back into his family’s good books.  Which leaves me, here, with nothing to do.

I’ve missed them a bit, as well.  Depending on who is there, the group has a slightly different feel; if Calendar Girl is with us, then, frankly, we are better behaved.  And much more serious about the whole thing.  But if it’s a Bernie week, then it’s constant blue jokes and we end up drinking a bit more than we would otherwise.  I’ve never really brought this up with Cowboy or Drury, perhaps they don’t feel the same way, but I enjoy the fact that we have the two separate types of night out.  Of course, there are some constants:  Cowboy’s terrible puns, Drury’s sometimes startling insight, the free pint I always have with my meal.  But it’s nice to have a change sometimes.

Even this long dull night is a reminder not to take the quiz for granted.  Everything has been better since I started to get out more.  In fact, I think I might try and get a few of the old gang together and head out this weekend.  I haven’t really had the opportunity to see my friends this year, for the first few months… Well, we all remember what that was like.  If you can’t, then there is the archive down the side.  It was less fun at the time believe me.  I don’t know if I’ve talked about what it’s like to hardly see your friends and family, although I certainly mentioned it not long after Christmas.  I used to think I was fine with it.  To just get along and survive: get up, go to work, come home, sleep, repeat.  It was just something I did and it’s taken me so long to realize that I want more than that.

But it’s tricky; I won’t go into why I don’t see my family much, but suffice to say, it’s a whole separate blog post and is a lot more inane than it sounds.  I’ve never mentioned where I live, where I grew up or where I went to university, but suffice to say, that they are three different places.  After getting my degree, I took a job in a different part of the country (being this vague is a bit awkward, but it’s pretty important in the long term.)  At first, it was easy enough because I was busy with work and there was a good atmosphere in the office.  My colleagues became my main social group and I slowly lost touch with my friends from school and my old flatmates.  So when the rot set in at work, it took root in my life as well.  People started to leave, one by one, either because they had better offers or enough of the company and you’d hardly see them again.  Eventually, my time came after watching someone who had been brought in to manage our section berate one of the team leaders (who had been offered, and turned down, this manager’s job.)  It wasn’t just the display of poor management but the fact that we all knew the guy was in the wrong and that the woman on the receiving end knew better.  I wrote my resignation while the guy was ranting, printed it off and handed it to him before he could catch his breath.  Apparently, he didn’t last much longer than a month, but I only owed them two weeks notice and was long gone by then.  There was a brief period of unemployment before I started in this job and, thus, settled into a bit of a rut.


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